Short texts with ChatGPT: product descriptions, social media postings, etc.

In the following article, I’ll show you how ChatGPT can help you create various short texts. These texts include meta descriptions, product descriptions, social media postings and also the creation of article headlines.

Before you start with the actual article, I will mention an important note so that there are no misunderstandings:

Note: ChatGPT is an auxiliary tool and supporter, not a substitute for professionals.

ChatGPT is an impressive AI tool that can be helpful in creating copy and content, but it shouldn’t be considered a substitute for human writers. Human creativity and empathy have a depth that cannot or cannot yet be achieved by artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT. Experienced writers can create customized content that is tailored to the emotional and cultural context of the readership.

People are also better able to weave in subtle allusions, humor, irony, biting, sarcasm, and cynicism, and to think critically. They are also better at assessing the relevance and quality of sources.

Overall, ChatGPT serves as a useful tool that encourages the creative process, helps formulate ideas, and can take some of the tedious work off your shoulders.


Also, when generating short texts, I would recommend that you follow the same preparation steps as I explained in this article:

How to get reasonable texts from ChatGPT

This will increase the chance that ChatGPT will provide meaningful answers that are helpful for your purpose.

Writing product descriptions in webshops with ChatGPT

In e-commerce, the quality of the texts is crucial. Product descriptions are intended to convince customers that they have found exactly the right product. ChatGPT can help you write concise and engaging product descriptions. Simply enter a list of product details and features and let ChatGPT generate different versions of a product description for you. So you can choose the most suitable one or even combine them to get a good result.

Here’s an example of an input followed by ChatGPT’s output:

Product: Running Shoes
Brand: SwiftRunner
Model: SpeedMaster Pro
Color: Blue and White
Sizes: 36-48
Features: Breathable mesh upper, lightweight, shock-absorbing sole, non-slip tread, suitable for both men and women

Example of a keyword-like input


Discover the SwiftRunner SpeedMaster Pro running shoes – the perfect combination of style and performance for your sporting activities. Available in dynamic shades of blue and white, these versatile running shoes are suitable for men and women alike and are available in sizes 36 to 48.

With the breathable mesh upper, you will experience optimal ventilation and a pleasant foot climate, even during intense training sessions. The lightweight construction ensures a carefree feel, while the shock-absorbing sole gently cushions every step and thus increases comfort even further. The non-slip tread gives you extra safety on any surface.

Go for quality and enhance your running experience with the SwiftRunner SpeedMaster Pro running shoes. Soon you won’t want to miss the lightness and comfort of these shoes.

The product description that ChatGPT created based on the keywords

Create posts for social networks with ChatGPT.

If you have written a post on the blog, you will of course want to share it on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Here, too, ChatGPT can do a lot of work for you: Let the AI tool generate suitable texts for your social media postings that are tailored to the respective platforms and their users.

Here is an example of an input and the corresponding response:

Create a social media post for Facebook and Twitter via my latest blog article »10 tips for effective time management«.

### Insert the content of the blog article] ###

Example of an input to generate a social media posting


🚀 New week, new time management! Discover in our latest blog article “10 tips for effective time management” how you can make better use of your time and be more productive. Learn to prioritize, minimize distractions, and more. Take your productivity to the next level! 📈 Take a look now: www…………/

ChatGPT output for Facebook


Learn how to ⏰ manage your time! Discover “10 tips for effective time management” in our latest blog article and increase your productivity 🚀 : www……… en/……../ #Zeitmanagement #Produktivität

ChatGPT output for Twitter

Generate meta descriptions with ChatGPT.

The meta descriptions play an important role when it comes to convincing readers and search engines of your article. It appears in the search results and is intended to summarize the content of your article briefly and concisely.

With ChatGPT, you can quickly and easily create these texts that are appealing to readers on the one hand and optimized for search engines on the other. Again, the procedure is the same: copy in the summary or complete article and ask ChatGPT for a meta description.

Example of inputs and outputs:

Create an engaging meta description for a blog post about “healthy eating and easy recipes for everyday life.”

Input No. 1 for meta description

Discover practical tips for healthy eating and try our simple, everyday recipes to help you enjoy a balanced diet.

Result No. 1 for Meta-Description

Create an engaging meta description for a blog post about “the benefits of yoga and meditation for stress relief and relaxation.”

Input No. 2 for meta description

Let yourself be convinced of the benefits of yoga and meditation, and find out how these practices can lead to inner peace and reduce stress in your life.

Result No. 2 for Meta-Description

Create appealing titles or article headings.

We know that the title or article title of a blog article is crucial to attract the attention of visitors. But finding a suitable headline is sometimes difficult for all of us. All the creative energy was put into the long blog article and now, as Trapattoni said so beautifully, “the bottle is empty”.

This is where ChatGPT comes in: just enter a short description of your article and let ChatGPT make you a series of suggestions for the title. Alternatively, if the text is not too long, you can copy the entire blog article.

This way, you can choose the title that fits best and piques your audience’s curiosity. Here’s an example:

Create an engaging headline for a blog post about “the benefits of yoga and meditation for stress relief and relaxation.”

Input to generate an article header

Yoga and meditation: Your way to less stress and more serenity in everyday life

Generated headline from ChatGPT


As you’ve seen from the examples above, ChatGPT can help you make your work more efficient by helping you create short texts such as product descriptions, social media postings, meta descriptions, and headlines. If you use it purposefully and skillfully, it will support you in your work and not replace you.


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