MINI MAIL VIEWER 2.0 LITE a Lightweight IMAP Client

Very easy and Lightweight IMAP Client.
If you wanna take a quick look at your inbox Don’t waste your time with heavy and slow email clients (Thunderbird, Opera mail, …)

MiniMailViewer lite official version download link
MiniMailViewer lite official version download link

Features : 
– Good to recover Accounts checked by Woxy
– Very small size and portable software 
– View and open any email (via IMAP)
– No Special configuration needed, just past your Email:Pass in the text box and go!
– More than 1.1 Million World Wide Email Provider supported
– Does not support email providers that needs an extra security check (like : gmail, outlook, yahoo)
– Read-only : You can only read emails in the inbox.

What’s new in v 2.0 ??

– Added Delete email feature
– Other Features can be unlocked by upgrading to FULL PRO version HERE

Download :





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