MINI MAIL VIEWER 2.0 LITE a Lightweight IMAP Client

Very easy and Lightweight IMAP Client.
If you wanna take a quick look at your inbox Don’t waste your time with heavy and slow email clients (Thunderbird, Opera mail, …)

Features : 
– Good to recover Accounts checked by Woxy
– Very small size and portable software 
– View and open any email (via IMAP)
– No Special configuration needed, just past your Email:Pass in the text box and go!
– More than 1.1 Million World Wide Email Provider supported
– Does not support email providers that needs an extra security check (like : gmail, outlook, yahoo)
– Read-only : U can only read emails in the inbox.
– You can add more Imap servers in config.cfg

What’s new in v 2.0 ??

– Added Delete email feature
– Other Features can be unlocked by upgrading to FULL PRO version HERE

Download :



The software is FREE !
This software is protected. Your anti-virus/firewall may display false positive alert.



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